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Supreme Spirit

17:0.1(197.1) THE seven Supreme Spirit groups are the universal co-ordinating directors of the seven-segmented administration of the grand universe. Although all are classed among the functional family of the Infinite Spirit, the following three groups are usually classified as children of the Paradise Trinity: 17:0.2(197.2) 1. The Seven Master Spirits. 17:0.3(197.3) 2. The Seven Supreme Executives. 17:0.4(197.4) 3. The Reflective Spirits. 17:0.5(197.5) The remaining four groups are brought into being by the creative acts of the Infinite Spirit or by his associates of creative status: 17:0.6(197.6) 4. The Reflective Image Aids. 17:0.7(197.7) 5. The Seven Spirits of the Circuits. 17:0.8(197.8) 6. The Local Universe Creative Spirits. 17:0.9(197.9) 7. The Adjutant Mind-Spirits. 17:0.10(197.10) These seven orders are known on Uversa as the seven Supreme Spirit groups. Their functional domain extends from the personal presence of the Seven Master Spirits on the periphery of the eternal Isle, throug…

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